Altruist Club

Altruist is a social responsibility club at IMI Kolkata that is devoted to making a positive impact on society. The club is driven by a strong desire to address pressing issues such as poverty, hunger, diseases, and gender discrimination. Altruist’s members work tirelessly to create a better world through a variety of means, including social media, events, and campaigns. They prioritize humanity above all else and make it a point to help anyone in need, regardless of their nationality, gender, or caste. Altruist’s commitment to social responsibility is truly inspiring, and their efforts are making a real difference in the lives of many people. Through their work, they aim to create a more equitable and just society for all.

Club Members
  • Jainish Shah
  • Prasansa Ghosh
  • Sagar Ghosh
  • Simran Khaitan
  • Souvik Pal
  • Sreejita Dey
  • Younoosh Khan
List of Events
  • Blood Donation Campaign
  • Orphange Home Visit
  • Old Aged Home Visit
  • Cleaning Drive
  • Christmas Donation drive
  • Open Mic Comedy Fundraiser Event
  • Scrap Collection Drive Fundraiser Event
  • Blanket Donation
  • Stem Cell donation drive webinar
  • International Women’s day webinar

ATOM, the Operations Club of IMI-Kolkata

Atom, the operations club of IMI-Kolkata emphasizes on practicing a culture of wholesome learning through working as a team. The club prioritizes to inculcate a sense of learning by bringing forth recent breaking news updates from the industry, operations domain related information, supply chain of large corporates, innovative ideas and management concepts through engaging and interesting social media contents and by conducting events and competitions for its student fraternity. The club under the mentorship of Dr. Sachin Modgil aims to inculcate a sense of profound knowledge regarding operations, participating attitude and skills necessary in the domain of management and corporate business to its student fraternity.

Club Members
  • Runali Tirkey – Coordinator
  • Arindam Das -Co-coordinator
  • Aman Sharma
  • Gautam Tiwar
  • Shivanshu Saini
  • Ridhi Saraff
  • Kaushal Agarwal
List of Events
  • OPSTIMUM 6.0 Walk Through The Fire
  • Event conducted at CONFERO 11.0


BizzAfrs, The Business Club of IMI Kolkata, works consistently towards providing students with a platform through which they can enhance their understanding of business-related concepts. The club focuses on providing opportunities for students to learn, network, and develop their business skills outside of the classroom. The club is often an important part of the business school experience, as it provides students with valuable opportunities to connect with industry professionals, gain practical skills, and build their resumes for future job opportunities.

Club Members
  • Debangshu Rathi- Coordinator
  • Malhar Khemka – Co-Coordinator
  • Aayushi Goyal
  • Rajni Saha
  • Karishma Mohapatra
  • Md Asif Rabbani
  • Soham Bhattacharya
List of Events
  • Reach for The Bizz
  • Communique
  • War Of Views
  • Model United Nation


D-Insights, The MIS and Analytics Club of IMI Kolkata aims at serving the purpose of both learning and implementing technical and analytical skills in Business Management. The club helps students achieve their corporate goals in the area of analytics and business intelligence. Different Programming and Analytics tools like R Programming, Python, Java, Power BI, Excel is extremely essential to skill up and build a career in this domain. D-Insights will help the students to achieve their ultimate corporate goals in this era of Digitalization.

Club Members
  • Souparna Das
  • Muskan Sethi
  • Subhranil Datta
  • Nishtha Agarwal
  • Rubeena Rahaman
  • Bhumika Hamirwasia
  • Ritankar Maity
List of Events
  • Figure Hut
  • Data-Viz
  • Evolvus

E-Cell ( The Entrepreneurship Club of IMI K)

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at IMI Kolkata aims to foster and nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem at the Institute and beyond. E-Cell, the Entrepreneurship Club at IMI Kolkata, working under the aegis of the Centre, undertakes various initiatives to promote entrepreneurial mindset and spirit among the students thereby contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Cell seeks to provide a supportive and active environment to kindle innovative attitudes in students to enable them to come up with entrepreneurial ventures in future to strengthen the national economy in different ways. The Entrepreneurship Cell value perseverance, teamwork, and an unquenchable drive for achievement.

Club Members
  • Anupriya Pandey
  • Jyotika Marodia
  • Krishna Kumar Verma
  • Nishtha Agarwal
  • Pratik Tiwari
  • Sreejita Dey
  • Yelukuri Amarnath
List of Events
  • Lectures/Workshops focused on I&E
  • Visit to incubation centres

FINASTRA – The Finance Club

Finastra, the Finance Club at IMI Kolkata, is dedicated to igniting and nurturing the passion for finance among students on campus. Through a variety of events such as competitions, workshops, webinars, and professional opportunities, the club strives to deepen students’ understanding of finance and equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in the field. In addition to promoting financial literacy, Finastra also focuses on improving students’ presentation skills, as well as providing them with exposure to real-world financial scenarios and their interpretations. By facilitating industry interactions and networking opportunities, the club aims to bridge the gap between students and the finance industry, preparing them for successful careers in the field. Finastra’s ultimate goal is to create a professional community of finance enthusiasts who are committed to advancing their knowledge and skills in the field. Whether it’s through enriching events or industry connections, the club is committed to empowering students to pursue their passion for finance and achieve their goals.

Club Members
  • Aayush Bhansali
  • Debangshu Rathi
  • Mohit Sarda
  • Rishika Singh
  • Ronit Agarwal
  • Saumya Tripathi
  • Subham Prasad
List of Events
  • Expedition
  • Tradathon
  • Vyaapar
  • Webinar in assosciation with InsideIIM

Human Hour

The Human Resource (HR) club at IMI Kolkata, called Human Hour, aims to develop innovative and inquisitive individuals into HR managers and business owners. With guest lectures, webinars, competitions, and trips, the club fosters meaningful industry connections. Its goal is to attempt to close the gap between potential recruiters’ expectations and reality in this age of globalisation, which inevitably brings about competition.

Club Members
  • Devesh Arora
  • Divyanshi Mishra
  • Ridhi Saraff
  • Riya Shaw
  • Simran Khaitan
List of Events
  • Unrealities 4.0
  • E-Yantran : E-Waste Collection Drive
  • Confero 11.0: niHRvana

I-Construct – Strategy and Consulting Club

I-Construct the strategy and consulting club of IMI Kolkata promotes the awareness and knowledge related to strategy and consulting. In the newly revived corporate world, where most companies are battling against each other to get some more market share, I-Construct provides a perfect platform for the students of IMI Kolkata to brush up on the skills that will help them emerge as a successful consultants. It is often said, before any big mission what is needed is a strategy. This highlights the importance of this club, which teaches the students how to craft a winning strategy and seal the deal. I-Construct organizes numerous competitions to provide students and members a platform to showcase their skills.

Club Members
  • Shivanshu Saini
  • Kaushal Agarwal
  • Aayushi Goyal
  • Abhishita Ghosh Dastidar
  • Kiran Kumari Das
  • Shreya Kedia
  • Swapnaneel Chowdhury
List of Events
  • Mindzoid
  • Rann Kaushal
  • Sharquest

Institution’s Innovation Council

Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of IMI Kolkata has progressed under the initiative of the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) to foster, envision, and encourage creativity along with innovation among the Higher Education Institutions. The council is dedicated towards ceaseless attempts for inspiring, encouraging and cultivating new ideas and organizing productive and successful events towards supporting its prime agenda which revolves around nurturing and creating an innovative eco-system within the campus.

Club Members
  • Ivneet Singh -POC
  • Utkarsh Srivastava -POC
  • Annyasha Das – POC
  • Arna Pal
  • Debashish Saha
  • Sayon Ghosh
  • Aditya Deep Raj
  • Rohan Basak
  • Sreeparna Saha
  • Arindam Das
  • Chitran Mukherjee
  • Subham Sharma
List of Events
  • Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity”
  • Motivational Session by Successful Innovators
  • Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur/Startup Founder
  • Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behavior development
  • Session on “How to plan for start-up and legal & Ethical Steps


In the words of Greggory Ciotti, “Marketing is Enthusiasm transferred to the Customers”. As the Marketing Club of IMI – Kolkata, MarKreators live by this motto. The club strongly believes in learning by doing and therefore strives to enhance learning, by creating the perfect blend of marketing concepts and fun-filled applications. The team constantly tries to take classroom learning up a notch by implementing the concepts in real-life scenarios. MarKreators endeavors to inculcate the passion for Marketing amongst the students by making Marketing fun!

Club Members
  • Kunal Shah -Coordinator
  • Tribikram Saha – Co-coordinator
  • Aditya Sharma
  • Maharnab Talukdar
  • Sanjana Agarwal
  • Sidhi Saraff
  • Shreya Kedia
List of Events
  • Shopfloor 6.0 – Infinitude
  • Impulso
  • Azaadi Ka Sell-ebration
  • Novo Trezoro
  • Shopfloor 7.0- Renaissance


Mudra, the Economics Club of IMI Kolkata provides opportunities for students to learn more about the field of economics, engage in discussions with peers and industry professionals, and participate in events and activities related to economics. The club organizes various events such as guest speaker sessions, debates, case studies, and simulations. These events can help students better understand economic concepts and how they apply them in real-world situations. The Mudra club can also help students build a network with other students who share similar interests in economics and connect with industry professionals who can provide insights and career guidance. The club provides a platform for various fun activities and discussions about the prevalent issues in policy-making by governing institutions through various interactive channels. Overall, students can be a great platform for enhancing one’s understanding of economics and developing practical skills that can be applied in their future careers.

Club Members
  • Adish Sharma
  • Antas Jain
  • Mansi Pandey
  • Rohit Karmaker
  • Soumyadip Bhattacharjee
  • Suvam Ghosh
  • Sunita Singh
List of Events
  • Hunt for freedom
  • Mysterium 2.0
  • Chakravyuh 3.0
  • Annual Budget session

Wallrush – The Creative and Content Club

Wallrush – The Creative and Content Club of IMI Kolkata is a community of individuals who are passionate about creating and sharing highquality content. Members of the club include writers, artists, marketers, and creative professionals. The goal of the club is to inspire and support each other in creating content that is engaging, informative, and entertaining. The club provides a platform for members to connect, collaborate, and share their work. It creates value and opportunities for members to participate in workshops, inter and intra college competitions, and other events that help them improve their skills and learn new techniques for creating content. The club also provides resources such as templates, tools, and guides to help members with their content creation. The Creative and Content Club is a great place for anyone who wants to improve their communication and managerial skills, innovative thinking and to connect other like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the world of content creation.

Club Members
  • Anupriya Pandey
  • Karisma Mohapatra
  • Manu Krishnadasan
  • Muskan
  • Rajni Saha
  • Shashikant Pandey
  • Shruti Jain
List of Events
  • Shamiyana
  • Colours of Azadi
  • Vartalap