The new buzzword of the financial services sector is Fintech (Finance + Technology). It has demonstrated huge success by reinventing the way financial services are delivered to the end consumer and is changing the overall BFSI landscape. The Fintech revolution has brought in many challenges along with opportunities.

To help students capitalize on these opportunities, IMI Kolkata, in collaboration with iNurture Education Solutions, has launched the Post Graduate Programme in Fintech. With the increasing need for Fintech professionals, this specialized course is designed to experience a practical, hands-on approach and deeper understanding of the operations of the Fintech segment in the financial services sector.

Programme Objective

Programme Objective:

  • Develop graduates with conceptual and practical skills aimed at the intellectual pursuit of knowledge in the field of Financial Technology.
  • Develop graduates with a thorough understanding of various finance functions with emphasis on Fintech.
  • Prepare graduates with exposure to application of analytical knowledge in marketing and sales of BFSI products.

Programme Outcome:

  • Identify appropriate finance techniques to solve the formulated business problem.
  • Apply financial modelling techniques to optimize business-related problems.
  • Analyse and interpret the financial models to enhance informed decision-making.

Course Structure

  • Bridge Courses
    • Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting
    • Financial Modelling Techniques
    • Investment Management
    • Fundamentals of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Foundation
    • Fintech Innovation
    • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Financial Modelling using Excel
  • Intermediate
    • Blockchain and Crypto Currencies
    • Global Financial Markets and Hybrid Products
    • Customer Service in Digital Era
    • Fintech Regulation for Payments and Lending
  • Advanced
    • Analytics and Big Data
    • Machine Learning for Finance
    • Credit Rating and Risk Management
    • Data Visualization with Tableau and Power BI
    • Capstone Project

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