Local Business Accelerator
Local business accelerator course focused on offering real-time exposure to PGDM students, where they can consult and help local businesses to improve their bottom line, preferably through low-cost solutions. The participants are encouraged to choose a business either from B2B or B2C or retail and other domains. Often these businesses are micro to small sized-business, social enterprises, or voluntary sector organizations – those may not have the funds or managerial resources to address their most significant challenges. This will be a win- win situation both for small and micro scale businesses as well as IMIK PGDM students to apply the classroom learnings in a real-business

Companies Engaged

New Venture Development
New Venture Development course focuses on understanding the opportunities that lie in the market to develop a new venture. This course includes ideation, validation, market- product fit, fundraising, networking, business planning, developing, launching and much more. The objective of this program is to enable students across specializations interested in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, offering the necessary platform, tools and resources to get started.

Venture Ideas worked upon in 2022-23 – See the attachment
Venture Ideas worked upon in 2023-24 – See the attachment