Alumni Relations Committee

The International Management Institute, Kolkata acts as an important link between the institution and its former students. The Alumni Relations Committee recognises the significance of the impact alumni can have on the development of their alma mater and works to create relationships and interactions between alumni and the institute. The committee never stops trying to network its entire corporate family together. Additionally, it plans interactive events with former students to foster their development and improve ties between the institution and them.

List of Members
1 Aditya Sahu
2 Aishwarya Agrawal
3 Aloke Kumar Patra
4 Atika Agrawal
5 Ayush Kumar
6 Khushi Kedia
7 Vikash Singh

Cultural Committee (Cul~Com)

The Cultural Committee of IMI Kolkata, fondly known as Cul~Com, is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity on campus through a series of engaging and entertaining events and festivals. With a focus on creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for students to unwind and enjoy campus life, the committee aims to foster a strong sense of community and connection amongst the student body. At Cul~Com, we believe in celebrating the richness of cultural heritage and providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity and talent. Our events are thoughtfully curated to offer an intellectually and aesthetically stimulating experience for everyone on campus. Our goal is to create a home-away-from-home environment where students can embrace their cultural roots, explore new ideas and perspectives, and form lifelong connections with their peers.

List of Members
1 Rahul Gogoi
2 Maharnab Talukdar
3 Yukta Bardia
4 Riya Rashmi Dash
5 Sreerupa Gupta
6 Sanjana Agarwal
7 Manu Krishnadasan

Placement & Corporate Relations Committee

We, the Placement and Corporate Relations Committee of IMI, Kolkata focus on outreaching in the corporate world and engage with top companies to get the students a hands-on experience of the real world through Corporate Trainings, Live Projects, Internship Opportunities, Summer Internships, Guest Lectures, Mock GD-PI Session and much more to get them ready to face for the real-life challenges in the corporate world.

List of Members
1 Aman Ketan Kamdar
2 Daniya Nizam
3 Dishari Adak
4 Debarghya Ghosh
5 Jitduth Gupta
6 Shiksha Jhunjhunwala
7 Shivam Das
8 Subhra Chandra
9 Subham Kumar Bala
10 Soumik Saha

Residential Affairs Committee (RAC)

RAC a club of IMI-K is a residential student-run committee that is responsible for addressing the grievances of the residents and for resolving any conflicts that take place within the campus. It acts as a medium of communication between students and management for all hostel related issues. RAC connects the three vertices of the IMI hostel triangle namely safety and security, comfort and development through discipline, innovation and efficient management. There is a saying home is where the heart is and a way to one’s heart is through their wellbeing and this is what is RAC’s motto.

List of Members
1 Shashikant Pandey
2 Runali Tirkey
3 Sona Jha
4 Tushar Goel
5 Mansi Pandey
6 Saumya Tripathi

Student Activity Council (SAC)

At IMI Kolkata, the Student Activity Council (SAC) serves as a vital liaison between the Management and the Students. The council’s responsibilities are diverse, ranging from facilitating seamless interactions between the administration, faculty, students, and external agencies, to ensuring the smooth formation and operation of student-run Clubs/Committees on campus. Furthermore, the SAC is actively involved in organizing events and activities throughout the year to promote student engagement and development. These activities provide a platform for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build meaningful connections with their peers. Overall, the SAC plays a crucial role in creating a vibrant and inclusive campus community that prioritizes the holistic development of its students. By striving to maintain a proper balance of interests among all stakeholders and ensuring smooth coordination of activities, the council ensures that students can make the most of their time at IMI Kolkata and leave as well-rounded individuals.

List of Members
1 Mohammed Ajmal Mohideen- Secretary- Corporate Relations
2 Mohit Sarda – Secretary- Finance
3 Ronit Agarwal – Secretary- Public Relations
4 Sidhi Saraff-Secretary- Clubs & Committees
5 Subhranil Datta – Secretary- Internal Affairs
6 Yukta Bardia – Secretary- Events

Students Admission Committee

The Students Admission Committee (AdComm) acts as a bridge between MBA aspirants and the Institute. The committee acts as the first Point-of-Contact for all prospective students. Its primary objective is to facilitate the admission process and promote IMI Kolkata. Hence, it aims to provide the students a seamless and hassle-free experience in easing into the programmes offered by the Institute by providing guidance and necessary support to the aspirants whenever required on their road to IMI Kolkata.

List of Members
1 Ushashi Ghosh
2 Shirsha Dey
3 Siddharth Roy
4 Kousik Ghosh
5 Navneet Sharma
6 Dhwani Doshi
7 Unnati Choudhary

S.M.A.R.T. (Social Media Action Response Team)

S.M.A.R.T. (Social Media Action Response Team), the Branding and Media Cell of IMI Kolkata bears the mantle of an integral duty of handling the brand equity of the institute. Working in collaboration with other clubs and committees of the college for the coverage and documentation of all important events, corporate guest lectures, alumni interactions, internship experiences, etc., the team is the institute’s in-house content generation powerhouse. The team publishes the promotional content on various social media platforms of IMI Kolkata. Parallely, the committee is also responsible for public relations of various events, for both internal and external publications. Also, the team responsible for digital marketing initiatives in the form of generating interactive social media campaigns and content curation for the same, thus bridging the gap between industry and academia. The sole objective of the committee is to promote and maintain the dignity of the brand of IMI Kolkata.

List of Members
1 Parul Singh
2 Aastha Agarwal
3 Ankit Banerjee
4 Aparajita Saha
5 Madhvi Kumari
6 Sanskar Agarwal
7 Soham Halder
8 Sohel Das
9 Tanmantra Kundu
10 Sandipan Das

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee (SportsComm) of International Management Institute Kolkata provides an ideal platform for all the students to play, practice, and participate in various sports activities. The committee aims to foster a sense of team spirit among the students and ensures the holistic development of every individual. It also manages the upkeep of all sports infrastructure and is responsible for keeping the students thoroughly involved in team-building activities across a diverse set of sports events throughout.

List of Members
1 Atul Kumar Sahu – Coordinator
2 Pranjal Gupta – Co-Coordinator
3 Kumaaravel R
4 Tribikram Saha
5 Ivneet Singh
6 Priyanka Kumari
7 Kunal Shah