Soni Agrawal

Education : PhD (IIT Kharagpur)

Specialization : Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources

Designation : Associate Professor - Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource

Contact: +91-33-66529610

Email: [email protected]

About Soni Agrawal

Dr. Soni Agrawal holds doctorate in Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. She specializes in Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior. She is having 18+ years of industry-academia experience. She had worked with IT/ITES and FMCG companies before joining academics. In her academic experience she holds positions as dean MDP & EDP, and prior to that she was chair admissions, anti-ragging, etc.,and served in various committees. She is a corporate trainer and had trained senior and mid-level executives of both public and private enterprises in the area of HR Analytics, building motivation for higher performance, negotiation and conflict management skillsand performance management. Some of the companies includeGRSE, CESC, PCBL, Oxford University Press, India Post, LIC, etc. Her areas of academic interests are employee engagement, green human resource management, performance management, training, and industrial relations, HR for new age organizations, and career & succession planning. As a researcher she hadpresented papers in international conferences of repute &published research papers in national and international journals along with writing books. Her upcoming book is Green HRM: A Climate Conscious route to triple bottom line under SAGE publications.

Selected Research Papers
  • Agrawal, S., Goswami, K. & Chaterjee, B. (2013), ‘Factors Influencing Performance of Offshore Outsourcing Service Provider Firms Across Three Locations in India’, International Journal of Business Insights & Transformation, Vol. 6 (2), September, 4-11.
  • Agrawal, S., Goswami, K. & Chaterjee, B. (2012), ‘Factors Influencing Performance of ITES firm in India’, Information Resource Management Journal, Vol. 25(4), October, (IGI-Global Publication).
  • Agrawal, S., Goswami, K., & Chaterjee, B. (2011), ‘Challenging of ITES Companies in India’, International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 1(2) pp. 218-226.
  • Agrawal, S., Goswami, K., & Chaterjee, B. (2010), ‘The Evolution of Offshore Outsourcing in India’, Global Business Review Journal, Vol. 11(2), pp. 239-256, (Sage Publication).
  • Sharma, B. R. & Agrawal, S. (2015), ‘Factors Influencing Employee Engagement: An Exploratory Study of One of the Units of an IT Company’ to Indian Journal of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Vol. 76(4), pp. 485-506.
  • Agrawal (2015), ‘Predictors of Employee Engagement: A Public Sector Unit Experience’ in Strategic HR Review, Vol. 14, (1/2), 57-68, (Emerald publications).
  • Agrawal (2015), ‘Issues of Concern and Mitigating Strategies: A Study on ITES Firms. Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective, September, 18(3): 205-216, (Sage publication).
  • Agrawal (2014), ‘Factors Influencing Entry of ITES Firms into High Value Services’ published in Journal of Management Research. (Vol. 14(1), pp. 57-67.
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  • Agrawal (2009), ‘An analysis of Offshore Outsourcing’, HRM Review, January, pp. 49-53, (The ICFAI University Press).
Book Reviews
  • ‘Cracking the Creativity Code’, by Arie Ruttenberg, Arie and Shlomo Maital, Shlomo, Global Business Review, Sage Publications, New Delhi.
  • ‘Leading from the Heart: Sufi Principles at Work’, by Moid Siddiqui, Vol. 15 (45), pp. 1075-1275, Global Business Review, Sage Publications, New Delhi.
  • ‘Organizational Development and Alignment: The Tensegrity Mandala Framework’, by Gagandeep Singh and Raghu Ananthanarayanan, p. 268, Global Business Review, Sage Publications, New Delhi. .
Papers presented in National/International Conferences
  • ‘Employee Engagement: A Study of Diverse Workforce’ at 10th National Research Conference on Integrating Technology in Management Education scheduled on 28 -29 March 2016 at India International Centre, New Delhi.
  • ‘HR Practices in Indian Startups’ at International Management Conference (IMC 2016) held on 5th March 2016 at Fortune Institute of International business, New Delhi.
  • ‘P2P Microfinance & Allied Services: Strategy adopted to face challenges in financial inclusion space’ at Global Summit on Management cases held on 5-6 February 2016 at IIM Raipur.
  • ‘Role of HR Analytics and Measurement in Today’s Time’ at 9th ISDSI International Conference on 2-4 January at Goa Institute of Management, Goa.
  • ‘Employee Engagement in New Business Horizon’ at 2nd HR Summit on 21-22 August 2015 at IIM Raipur.
  • ‘Predictors of Employee Engagement’ at 8th ISDSI international conference on 2-4 January 2015 in Pune.
  • ‘Beyond Ceilings and Biases: A study of Women in Non-conventional Roles who Break Gender Myths’ at 24th National Conference on 12-14 December 2014 at National Academy of Psychology, Bhopal.
  • ‘An Attempt to Bridge the Gap between Employers’ Expectations and What B-Schools Offer: An Exploratory Study’ at 7th ISDSI and 5th OCM international conference on 28-30 December 2013 at International Management Institute, New Delhi.
  • ‘Influence of Firm Capital and Human Capital on the Performance of ITES Firms in IFTDO 42nd World Conference on 23-26 April, 2013, New Delhi.
  • ‘Bridging the Gap Between Employers’ Expectations and What the B Schools Offer: An Exploratory Study’ at ‘IISWBM, International Conference, March 2013, Kolkata,
  • ‘Performance of ITES Firms in India’, presented in Doctoral Colloquium, 8-9 January, 2010 at IIM Ahmadabad.
  • ‘Future of Outsourcing in India’ at 4th International Management Seminar, International Market at Crossroads: Strategic Dimensions & Directions on 24-25th April 2009 at DRIEMS Business School, Cuttack, Orissa.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Fundamentals of Labour Law & Application
  • HR Analytics
  • Sustainability & Green HRM
  • Compensation Management
  • Conflict Management & Negotiation