Computer Center

The students at IMI Kolkata have access to cutting-edge computing resources on campus. The Computer Center features nine servers (Dell, HP) running the most recent versions of Windows Server and Unix. The campus is Wi-Fi connected and has a network of more than 400 computers, enabling mobile computing in all areas, including the Hostel rooms, classrooms, amphitheatre, and canteen. A 655 Mbps, round-the-clock high-speed internet connection is available on campus.

The software collection contains the most recent versions of programmes including Quickheal endpoint Security Server Client Editions, Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365/2016/2019, Acrobat Professional, MS Project Pro, wordstat, and E-views 12.0. , R, Tora, SYSTAT 13.1, Stata/IC 13, Nvivo,Turntin, etc.

The entire campus in Kolkata is Wi-Fi equipped, and both students and faculty can use it in the academic building, tutorial building, hallways, open spaces, dorms, etc. The Sophos XGS3300 firewall and Ruckus Access points with Wi-Fi Zone Director Controller 1200 Series with redundant internet access safeguard the campus area network.

Software for online assessments is available to make grading, online comments, online tests, and online attendance easier. The instructors, staff, and students themselves have been given login IDs so they can use the network-based software from anywhere on campus in order to view student performance.

In order to ensure that the students receive the finest instruction possible from the teachers, each one is given an HP laptop and a LaserJet printer. Every research assistant, secretary, library staff member, accounts staff member, and administrative staff member receives a personal computer with a good configuration.
The Web interface for the International Management Institute of Kolkata is available at, and all internal users can access the Intranet via

We have provided regular online lessons, guest lectures, FDP, and numerous webinars during the pandemic using Zoom, MS Teams, GoogleMeet, etc. In order to facilitate smooth online classes, we have given a digital white board, which has allowed the instructor to explain and annotate the lecture/PPT just like they would in an offline setting. We have equipped our classroom with a high definition web camera, an AV system, a white board, and a Smart TV to support blended learning and enable teachers to interact with both on-campus and off-campus students at the same time.

International Management Institute Kolkata has a Web interface, which is accessible at and an Intranet for all internal users.

IT Infrastructure Details:-
Components Details
Total Nos. of Computers(Dell/HCL/HP) 187 Computers (including Server, Desktops & laptops)
Computer Lab Computer lab having 80 desktop computers with latest Configurations and Heavy duty Color Laser Printer/Scanner/Photocopiers
Type of Internet connection Leased Line
Connection Speed & ratio 655 Mbps 1:1
Wi-Fi IMI-Kolkata Campus is fully Wi-Fi using Ruckus Access points with Wi-Fi Controller.
Learning Management System Student ERP (Online Learning & Teaching),IMI-K Website,Intranet,Moodle
Microsoft Software Microsoft Campus Agreement Program
Security Sophos XGS3300 UTM with fall back internet
Antivirus Falcon Pro
Multimedia Systems All Classrooms are equipped with Podium , Multimedia Projector , Audio -Video System
List of Software’s:-
S.No Software Name
1 Windows 10, Windows 11
2 Microsoft Office 365/2019/2016
3 Windows Server 2008 R2
4 Centos 7
5 MariaDB
6 Microsoft Project Pro 2016
7 SPSS Statistics 26.0
8 SPSS Amos 22.0
9 SPSS Modeler premium 18.0
10 Acrobat Professional 12.0
11 OLT (Online Learning & Teaching) ERP
12 Moodle 3.3.1
13 EViews 12.0
14 Turnitin plagiarism detection service
15 Systat 13.1
16 Stata IC 13
17 Word Stat
18 Libsys Web centric Lease
19 Tora
20 LIWC2015
21 R Project for Statistical Computing
22 Nvivo
Learning Management System

Online Learning & Teaching (OLT)

For supporting academic procedures, IMI Kolkata use software known as the Online Learning & Teaching (OLT) system. The technology assists in grading students and determining their final grades. It also evaluates online criticism of faculty that students have left for the faculty. The administrative assistance for each programme is given by a dedicated staff. In addition, they use OLT for general programme coordination, submitting grades and attendance into the Online Learning & Teaching (OLT) system, and maintaining data pertaining to visiting or guest teachers.