A group of four students, Li Gen, Xie Xiangwei, Zhang Qiurong and Zhao Lei, from Sichuan University, China arrived at International Management Institute, Kolkata. IMI has campuses in Kolkata, Delhi and Bhubaneswar.

The students, who will be studying Management as per an agreement between IMI-Kolkata and Sichuan University, are staying at the Alipore campus under the mentorship of Dr Tirthankar Nag, Dean,IMI-Kolkata. According to Dr. Nag, the course has been specially designed keeping in view IMI Kolkata’s expertise in East Asian Management and Research, which empowers students to apply what they have learnt in the Chinese context.

Welcoming the overseas students, Professor Arindam Banik, Director, IMI-Kolkata says, “This is the first batch of Chinese students arriving in Kolkata to participate in higher management courses. We are delighted that Kolkata, which was once an internationally renowned centre for higher education, is on its way to regaining its past reputation. This exchange will be mutually beneficial for the two countries.”. IMI Kolkata recently signed several academic agreements with leading universities in China, France and Bangladesh, to help exchange of faculty and students on a long-term basis.

On behalf of the four visiting Chinese students, Li Gen said on Tuesday, “It’s a privilege to be in a great city like Kolkata and we are looking forward to experience its rich heritage as much as possible during our two-month long stay here. We expect to make many new friends and interact with them on topics like the Chinese economy and civilization. We are proud that we are in the city where Rabindranath Tagore was born. He continues to have a significant influence on Chinese scholars and creative writers.”

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