IMI-Kolkata Convocation 2017

International Management Institute (IMI) Kolkata hosted the fifth annual convocation held on May 18, 2017 at the Dr. R.P Goenka Auditorium. Mr. Sanjiv Goenka, Chairman, Board of Governers, IMI Kolkata presided over this grand event while Mr. M.J Akbar, Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India addressed the event as the Chief Guest for the convocation.

5th Annual Convocation video 2017

78 young graduates were conferred Post Graduate Diplomas in Management by the Chairman at the ceremony. Shreya Rajgarhia was awarded with the Dr. R. P. Goenka Gold Medal and Ankita Parekh received the Silver Medal. The award for being the best participant was handed over to Roshni Lamba, who ranked third for outstanding scholastic performance in the PGDM programme 2015-17.

Professor Arindam Banik presented the highlights of the achievements of the Institute during 2016-17. He also announced the commencement of the doctoral level Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) which is scheduled to begin in June, 2017. It was announced that three worthy scholars would receive the Dr. RP Goenka Research Scholarship of ₹25000 per month during the programme. The Dr. RP Goenka Scholarship was also introduced for meritorious PGDM students from economically disadvantaged sections.

While addressing the ceremonial proceedings, Mr. Sanjiv Goenka introduced MJ Akbar as “a man of exceptional performance who has redefined and rewritten rules and standards”. He expressed his optimism for the students who are in an advantageous position of responsibly leading a country where growth and expectation knew no limits. He urged the students to inculcate belief in themselves and take up the challenge to emerge as successful citizens in this new India.

MJ Akbar referred to Dr. RP Goenka as an extraordinary legend who carved a great success story and set an example for the aspiring youth. He stated that “India has traversed a lot since independence. Initially the challenge was in learning how to deal with the achieved freedom.” In his address. With Modi’s vision to eliminate poverty, Akbar motivated the youth to strive in a way that frees the nation’s people from poverty and help increase the wealth of the nation as a whole.

He concluded with the message that “for the first time the world has an ‘India Policy’ where our country is noted for its inclusive growth policies.” Illuminating the concern for women empowerment, he also established his conviction that investing in women will lead to tripling of the growth for the nation where a mother never neglects her children.