On a much awaited Friday evening, experienced a huge gathering to witness an extremely insightful session by the word’s most efficient organization in terms of time management, commitment and work ethics- The  . One of the best example of efficient supply chain management, The Mumbai Dabbawalas are a hundred years old network where 5000-odd dabbawalas deliver 200,000 hot meals a day, from homes to offices on time, every time. Speaker Subodh Sangle addressed the crowd by introducing their legacy of- 125 years of uninterrupted food delivery system. He stated that in their race against time, their uniqueness is based on their multilevel coding system of different coloured alphanumeric codes to help them identify their source and destination faster. Despite of facing myriad hurdles like unpunctual customers, physical distance, crowded trains, Mumbai traffic, their quick presence of mind and efficient management skills come to their rescue and help them maintain their punctuality. It’s a logistics company that functions without fuel and technology and is a  achiever in business management method. He also shared stories of love, success and saved marriages circulating across the city of  all in a humble dabba. The Mumbai Dabbawalas is also recipient of several awards and recognitions and have their name listed in the for being best in time management. Belonging to Varkari Samaj who believes in “Anna Dan Mahadan” they have taken an initiative in philanthropist activitiy named “Share my Dabba” to serve the under privileged children with food. He stated that their mission statement is short and simple being “Grahak Bhuka Na Rahe”, The Customer Should Not Remain Hungry! With this the floor was open to discussion.