How To Be A Successful Corporate Leader Through Krsna Consciousness

25 February 2015 : Dr. Gaurav Chandra Dutt, IPS, Inspector General of Police, Police Directorate, West Bengal delivered a guest lecture today at IMI-Kolkata Premises on how to be a corporate leader through Krsna Consciousness . He began by mentioning the various economic theories beginning from mercantilism in 16th Century to 18th Century Free trade Theory. He also deliberated on some of the 19th century theories of Milton Friedman and John Keynes. Further he elaborated on the famous models and theories of Henry Fayol , Maslow , Amartaya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz. After highlighting the various aspects of these theories, he addressed the students asking what the purposes of these theories were. According to him these theories have been instrumental in satisfying the Material Comfort and Pleasure needs of mankind.

He emphasised the importance of emotional and spiritual quotient in order to be a successful corporate leader and also mentioned few theories like the Danah Zohar Theory, William Ouchi and Erickson theory illustrate his point. He also presented a Country wise Comparative perspective to the idea of the requirement of understanding the above theories to understand the global environment we are living in. Deliberating further on the topic, he also mentioned that it’s the mad rush for success that has driven the world towards uncontrolled Industrialisation and crony capitalism and also that it’s for the current and future generation who will have to bear the ill effects of Global warming .

He mentioned that human mind is a complex entity and in order to be a successful corporate leader one has to lead a disciplined life and inculcate independent thinking, which could be achieved by having a high a spiritual quotient and being at peace with oneself. Dr Dutt shared his vast experience of how to efficiently deliver under pressure by having a strong control over mind when working under fast approaching deadlines and with high degree of accountability.

The students of IMI Kolkata were greatly privileged to have eminent speakers such as Dr Dutt to enlighten us and took back a great deal of insight into Krshna Consciousness and its application in the life of a budding corporate!