Inauguration & Ceremonial Lighting of the Lamp by Chief Guest Shri V. C. Agrawal, President – Corporate HR, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group and Guest of Honour, Nihar Ranjan Ghosh, ED-HR, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group

The Conference began with the presentation of the bouquet of flowers to the delegates followed by the lighting of the auspicious lamp to mark the beginning of the first HR Symposium.

The inaugural address was delivered by the Chief Guest, Mr. VC Agrawal, President- Corporate HR, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, who gave his insights on the importance of considering employees as people before considering them as resources, in a very interactive session much to the delight of the gathering. Mr. Agrawal stressed that transformation is about changing attitudes rather than enhancing knowledge. He quoted relevant examples from eminent personalities like Peter Drucker, Dr. McClelland’s Iceberg theory and even Mother Teresa to highlight how true leaders help employees and bring out the best in them.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Nihar Ranjan Ghosh, Executive Director- HR, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group brought to light how India as a nation is standing at a crucial juncture from where we can either reach dizzying heights of success or go downhill depending on how we capitalise the opportunities available to us. Considering the present dynamic marketing scenario, Mr. Ghosh emphasised on how institutions like IMI-Kolkata will play a fundamental role in raising a workforce that will be instrumental in taking India to that pinnacle of success. While addressing the august gathering, he provided his unique views on what qualities the next generation of workforce must possess in order to bring about the aforementioned success. He stressed on the 5Cs, viz Confidence, Credibility, Character, Creativity and Culture, that will be instrumental in bridging the gulf between Commitment and Delivery.

Panel Discussion Topic: ‘Current Practices in Talent Acquisition’

AbhijitSengupta, Senior General Manager – HR, Eveready Industries India Ltd ·

. Shantanu Das, VP – HR, Emami Ltd ·

. Shantanu Das, VP – HR, Emami Ltd ·

. Moderator:

Sujoy Banerjee, President – Group HR & OD, Mc Nally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd

IMI-Kolkata hosted an HR Symposium where a panel discussion was held on “Current Practices in Talent Acquisition”. The panelists were Abhijeet Sengupta (Senior General Manager- HR, Eveready India) and Shantanu Das (VP-HR, Emami India). Sujoy Banerjee (President-Group HR &OD, McNally Bharat Engineering Company Limited) who was the moderator introduced the topic and opened the floor of discussion.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the managers today is to keep at par with the millennium generation who have different expectations and demands.
Abhijeet Sengupta took forward the discussion by drawing attention to the paradigm shift from individual talents to team talent and more emphasis should be given on identifying, engaging and harnessing the talent. He said that the biggest challenge of HR today is talent and leadership.

Shantanu Das gave a creative perspective to the discussion by stating that talent must be a burning corporate priority. He envisioned the future of acquiring talent to be more challenging as talent pool is declining and the demand increasing. We should emphasise more on the quality of the talents. He also focused on building talent brands and that retention solves most issues in acquiring talent.

The discussion concluded on a note that talent need to be harnessed and due importance should be given on brushing up our intra-personal skills, develop radical thinking and maintain consistency.

Key Note Speech by R Sridhar, EVP &Head – Learning & Development, ITC Ltd.

Topic: ‘New Paradigm of HR for Make in India’

“India is the only country in the world which offers unique combination of Democracy, Demography and Demand”

With this enlightening thought, Dr R Sridhar, EVP and Head Learning and Development, ITC introduced the topic “New paradigm of HR for Make in India”, during his keynote speech. He highlighted some constraints that are acting as stumbling block on our quest to becoming a manufacturing hub. The Nation is plagued with excessive regulations and other factors that are detrimental to our growth. He also spoke about the underlying challenges that would be faced by human resource professionals in the time to come. He brought to light how our education often fails to equip the workforce with the required skills needed spoke of how institutions and industries can come together to bridge this gap.

Panel Discussion on ‘Managing the Rising Aspirations of High-Calibre Workforce’


· Chandrima Banerjee, Director, Unigrow Solutions Pvt. Ltd

· Gautam Ray, ED – HR & Admin, CESC Ltd.

· Jagannath Oleti, Head – HR, L&T

· Moderator: Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, VP-HR, RP-SG Group

“Managing the Rising Aspirations of a High Calibre Workforce” was the topic for the second panel. The panelists included, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sahoo (Vice President- HR, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group), Dr. Chandrima Bannerjee (Director, Unigrow Solutions Private Limited), Mr. Jagannath Oleti (Head- HR,Larsen & Toubro Infotech), Mr. Gautam Ray (Executive Director- HR and Administration, CESC Limited)

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sahoo who was also the moderator for the session introduced the topic. He stressed on the importance acquiring and retaining the right talent, by likening high calibre talent to free flowing water that flows in the direction that shows the favourable path. With this valuable insight he opened the floor for discussion.

Dr. Chandrima Bannerjee was of the view that while high calibre workforces did exist in the past, their relevance has increased manifold in today’s technology aided environment.

In the midst of such dynamic opportunities, Mr. Jagannath Oleti stressed on the importance of how the older generation can guide the next generation into making the best possible use of this.

Mr. Gautam Ray gave a different perspective to the discussion by sharing his experiences at CESC. In today’s changing environment, where employees keep hopping from one organisation to another, CESC has been able to retain its workforce up to the fourth generation. He stressed on the importance of emotional connect and organisation culture that binds employees to their companies.

The discussion ended with the panellists sharing the unanimous view that today’s workforce is highly able and efficient and the organisation’s task does not end in merely acquiring a high calibre workforce but more importantly in its retention.

Interactive Interview Session Are Traditional Streams (i.e. Finance, Marketing, HR etc.) Losing Their Shine? with Arijit Majumdar, Divisional Manager, Corporate HR, Tata Steel Processing & Distribution Ltd and Rituparna Ghosh, AVP, Wipro Ltd

The second day of the HR Symposium witnessed an interactive session with Mr. Arijit Majumdar, Divisional Manager, Corporate HR, Tata Steel Processing & Distribution Ltd and Rituparna Ghosh, AVP, Wipro on a topic that most MBA students are apprehensive about: “Are traditional streams (i.e. Finance, Marketing, HR, etc.) losing their shine?”

“Not one size fits all” – A very clear answer to the topic came from the panellist.

Giving insights on the topic, they both spoke of how important it is for a professional to possess the ability to unlearn and change with the changing environment. Patience, Perseverance and Ability to Collaborate with People will help a professional to climb up the ladder of success. It is thought Leadership that is important in today’s changing era.

However, Generic Skills like Empathy, Collaboration, Flexibility and Ability to handle Ambiguity to drive change will always be important. After all, Management Education make you Business-Ready by changing your Outlook so that you understand the business perspective.