International Management Institute Kolkata celebrated 75 years of India’s Independence on the morning of 15th August,
2021 to highlight the patriotic fervor, indomitable spirit, national diversity and unity of our country as our nation
moves forward towards a bright and prosperous future. Due to the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, the event took
place in a blended mode and was telecasted live through the institute’s social media platforms. Social distancing was
maintained throughout during the discourse of the event inside the campus premises in the presence of our reputed
faculty members.

The event began with the tri-colored flag being hoisted by our honorable Director, Professor Mohua Banerjee, IMI Kolkata
coupled with the National Anthem being performed by everyone present in the virtual podium as well as physically in the
campus. The flag hoisting was followed by an impressive parade highlighting the cultural diversity of India in which the
college staff had participated followed by a short cultural programme presented by the students. Professor Rachana
Chattopadhyay, Dean (Academics), IMI Kolkata, addressed the students about the different facets of our glorious freedom
struggle and expressed her sentiments and aspiration for the country through her speech. Her speech was followed by
Professor Tirthankar Nag, Dean (Research and International Relations), Dr. Soni Agrawal Dean (MDP & EDP) and Mr.
Subrata Debnath, Head (Administration) who addressed the students and members of the IMI Kolkata family gathered on

Another limelight of the celebration was the launch of the First Edition of the Official Newsletter of IMI Kolkata, ‘IMI
Kolkata Talkback’, an initiative taken by the Social Media, Branding and Website Committee. It aims to connect the
dynamics of the ecosystem in IMI Kolkata, bringing together all the multi-disciplinary skills and variety of talent of
the students, alumni staff members, faculty and all other stakeholders of the IMI Kolkata family into one place.

The launch was followed by another incredible round of student performances which energized the audience with patriotic
enthusiasm. This was followed by a vote of thanks offered by Dr. Avinash Kumar Srivastava, Assistant Professor
(Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research), Chairperson- Student Relations, IMI Kolkata who brought the event to
its end.

Celebrations of Independence Day, Flag Hoisting by faculty, students and staff of IMI Kolkata

Professor Mohua Banerjee, Director, IMI Kolkata addressing everyone present physically and virtually

Professor Rachana Chattopadhyay, Dean (Academics), IMI Kolkata; Dr. Soni Agrawal, Dean (MDP & EDP), IMI Kolkata; Professor Tirthankar Nag, Dean (Research & International Relations), IMI Kolkata; Dr. Avinash Shrivastava, Chairperson – Student Relations, IMI Kolkata and Mr. Subrata Debnath, Head, Administration, IMI Kolkata addressing everyone present physically and virtually

Students being enthusiastic and actively attending the virtual Independence Day celebration

Dr. Gobinda Roy, Chairperson – Social Media, Branding & Website Committee, IMI Kolkata; Ms. Asmita Biswas, Executive, Media and Branding, IMI Kolkata; Ms. Karabi Bhattacharya Rao, Head, Admission & Branding and Professor, IMI Kolkata; Mohua Banerjee, Director, IMI Kolkata at the launch of the first ever newsletter of IMI Kolkata, “IMI Kolkata Talkback”

Security and supporting staff of IMI Kolkata during the celebrations