The International Yoga Day which is celebrated every year on 21st June marks the importance of acknowledging India’s oldest traditional practice of Yoga and Meditation. ‘The Altruist’ Club of IMI-Kolkata,on this occasion conducted an active Yoga workshop for the students, faculty and staff. The two-hour session was conducted by Ms.Mohua Nandi , a Yoga instructor and a Speech Therapist who worked with “The World Yoga Society” for ten years along with Mr. Sanjay Chatterjee, a physiotherapist and a FIFA licensed football coach.

The workshop kick-started with Ms Mohua Nandi giving insights on the therapeutic benefits of yoga and the inner peace gained by practising meditation. Different yoga positions like Bhujangasan, Pawanmuktasan, Padmasan, Makarasan were introduced to the participants. She also suggested different yoga asanas to cure people suffering from ailments like Spondylitis, Breathing problems, Gastritis, Joint problems. The workshop ended on a relaxing note with some breathing exercises and meditation.

This initiative by IMI-Kolkata was taken to emphasise the importance of adopting Yoga as a part of their lifestyle and established the fact that Yoga is not just about getting rid of health ailments but is a guarantee of physical, mental and spiritual well being.