IMI Kolkata hosted its first Research Colloquium on the 8th of December, 2021 which aimed at encouraging researchers to showcase their abstracts. The session started with an inaugural ceremony, addressed by Professor Mohua Banerjee, Director, IMI Kolkata who expressed her warm greetings towards all the guests of the event by introducing them and defining the sequence of the colloquiums to be spread across three days.

The ceremony was brought to an end by Professor Tirthankar Nag, Professor (Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and Dean (Research & International Relations), IMI Kolkata by thanking all the attendees, and guiding them towards the Research Colloquiums for the day.

Followed by the Inaugural ceremony Research Colloquium witnessed three enlightening sessions on “Surviving the covid pandemic – Issues and Perspectives in Economics”- Keynote speaker Prof. Nathalie Mathieu-Bolh, Department of Economics, University of Vermont, USA shared her views on relation of economic stress and obesity during Covid-19 pandemic followed by the special lecture of Prof. Debashis Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata on import and export trends with presenters Poulomi Bhattacharjee (Economic and Financial Liberalization), Ajay Kumar Yadav (Trade and Development Economics : Theory and empirics for inclusive growths), Neelam Raut (Fear amongst consumer due to pandemic and their changing behaviour), Akash Bangopadhyay (Analysis of slow rate of increase in gross enrolment ratio offering higher education sector : An Indian Perspective) and Jahangir Hussain (Gender and time poverty). “OBHR in New normal” – Dr. Soni Agarwal, Associate Professor – Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources, Dean (MDP & EDP), Chairperson- Purchase Committee shared her views on Sustainability Initiatives and drivers in Indian Organisations followed by presenter Rachana Bohra (An overview of the literature developed in last 5 years) and Subheccha Chowdhuri (Impact of pandemic lockdown on work ethics). “Data mining Applications and Analytics” – Tirthankar Nag Professor – Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dean (Research & International Relations), Area Chair – Strategy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IMI Kolkata presented his insights on “What fuels innovation in firms” followed by presenter Tuhin Karsingha (Factors affecting individual’s participation in sports).

The second day of Research Colloquium, on 9th of December, 2021 began with an enlightening session on the topic “Rethinking Marketing & Customer Experience Management in a Post-Pandemic World”. IMI Kolkata was honored to welcome Prof. Dipayan Biswas, PhD, Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing, University of South Florida, who shared his valuable views on the impact of pandemic on world population. Later in the day the students witnessed another informative session on “Emerging Trends in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research”, with keynote speaker Dr. Shubhabrata Basu, Professor, Strategic Management Area, IIM Indore who shared insightful perspectives on Innovations and Entrepreneurship along with presenters Mr. Som Banerjee (AI Technology Adoption – Exploring various Approaches), Dr. Madhurita Dey (Study on factors inhibiting growth of women entrepreneurs in India and its probable solutions), Mr. Ashwini Kumar Tewary (Examining an international expansion strategy of an emerging economy firm and Dr. Dripto Bakshi (Rational Transfers of “arms” & implications on “prize distribution in a network of agents (firms) .

The final day of the Research Colloquium, on 10th of December, 2021, wherein the first session of the day focussed upon the topic “Sustainable Operations Management and Surviving in Uncertainty through Supply Chains”, keynote speaker Dr. Gary Graham, Associate Professor, University of Leeds enlightened the participants with his futuristic and hopeful take on the operations and supply chain of the world. He was followed by various other researchers present in the session, who produced their research work in the area of operations and supply chain. The topics of the research included Interpretive Structural Modeling, and Supply Chain Performance Measurement, among others followed by another delightful session on “Emerging trends in Finance Research”, keynote speaker Prof. Kanagaraj Ayyalusamy, Professor & Placement Convenor, XLRI enlightened the students on the generic trends in research and the areas of financial research. He was then followed by other presenters in the session who showed their work and got necessary feedback from Prof. Kanagaraj.

All the sessions of the Research Colloquium were highly informative and brought a fresh wave of creativity and cognizance amongst the students of IMI Kolkata. The speakers and presenters touched upon some very interesting and innovative subjects which were truly a treat for all the students and participants.