National Symposium on Securities and Effectiveness of the Energy Sector

Keeping in view the dismal state of Indian economy arising out of ever mounting current account deficit resulting primarily from swelling oil import bill having a bearing on the inefficiency and inadequacy of the Indian energy sector to cater to the domestic demand, IMI Kolkata organized a two-day long symposium on August 7 – 8, 2013, titled ‘National Symposium on Securities and Effectiveness of the Energy Sector’ to bring into limelight the energy sector issues and brainstorm on them to find strings of solutions, which could later be transformed into policy decisions.

Mr. Alok Perti, Former Secretary, Ministry of Coal GoI as the programme advisor set the tone of the symposium by addressing the supply-demand issues of energy sector and raised question on the disjointed approach taken by different departments of government of India.

In his keynote address Mr. S. Narsing Rao, Chairman Coal India Ltd., presented the paradox that exists in the coal sector: despite shortage of power many high capacity power plants are being shut down and despite shortage of coal the salability of produced coal is under question. The root cause of all the evils is pin-pointed as the poor financial health of the discoms, which are unable to purchase power from the generating and transmitting companies leaving an adverse impact on coal demand.

The issues that were mainly discussed in the sessions of day one were:
  • the conflict between traditional desirability and practical and economic feasibility in the power sector
  • the role of a regulator in the energy sector and the challenges
  • reaching excellence through improved customer connect: CESC as a case study
  • the lender’s perspective on issues relating to power and coal sector
  • capacity building though training and proposed plan to develop professionals specialized in the energy sector through post-graduate degrees and diplomas
  • green energy
The sessions on day two focused on
  • critical regulatory issues
  • renewable and alternate energy
  • investment, project appraisal and risk management
  • managing performance excellence

The two-day symposium discussed the whole gamut of issues relating to the power and the coal sector of India, successfully located the areas of major concern and suggested practical and economically feasible solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the energy sector considered as the major propeller on India’s economic growth and development.

Day 1 speakers were:
  • Mr. Alok Perti, Former Secretary, Ministry of Coal, GOI
  • Mr. Gautam Ray, Executive Director (HR & Admin)
  • Mr. S. Narsing Rao, Chairman Coal India Ltd.
  • Mr. Anirudha Basu, Manging Director CESC Ltd.
  • Mr. P.K Malhotra, DMD State Bank of India
  • Mr. R.N. Parashar, Former Chairman, Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Dr. Ahindra Chakrabarti, Director IMI Kolkata
  • Dr. Ajoy Ray, V.C. Bengal Engineering and Science University
Speakers on Day 2 were:
  • Mr. R.N. Parashar
  • Dr. Arindam Bank, Professor IMI Delhi
  • Dr. Tirthankar Nag, Dean Academics, IMI Kolkata
  • Mr. C. R. Bhowmik, Advisor WBSERC
  • Mr. Sushobhan Bhattacharya, Director, WBREDA
  • Mr. Asok Sinha,Former Director Finance, Coal India Ltd.
  • Mr. Sujit Kumar Mondal
  • Mr. Rajarshi Banerjee, Executive Director- Finance CESC Ltd.
  • Mr. Sanjoy Chakraborti, Executive Director – Generation, CESC Ltd.