They say, ‘All good things must come to an end’. These lines quite aptly echo the sentiments felt by Team IMI-Kolkata at the recently concluded ”South and Southeast Asia College Student Culture and Sports Week” hosted by Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunan Province, China.

The Sports meet that was held from 22nd-31st May, 2016 was hosted on an extravagant scale and saw active participation from Universities across Southeast Asia. A total of 20 teams of nearly 500 staff and students from countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and China’s Yunan province participated in the Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Men’s and Women’s Volleyball games.

IMI-Kolkata had the privilege of being the only business school from India to be invited to participate in this international tournament. The tournament is a result of a Student and Faculty Exchange Program that IMI-Kolkata has with South and Southeast Asia College, Kunming. Under the able guidance of Team Manager Dr. Sarojakshya Chatterjee, Executive Officer Mrs Karabi Bhattacharya Rao and Coach Mr. Sabu Francis, IMI-Kolkata’s team participated in the Men’s Women’s Volleyball tournament and were required to play a series of four games against teams from Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Yunan and Kunming’s own home team. Despite the fact that they were unable to win the tournament, the resilience, determination and grit shown by Team IMI-Kolkata throughout the tournament was indeed remarkable. While the competition was tough and the stakes were high, true sportsmanship and team spirit were the order of the day.

Kunming University also organised a cultural event where the students were treated to a scenic tour of the astoundingly beautiful Stone Forest, Yunan province. The 270 million year old natural heritage site is breathtakingly beautiful and home to many legends and folklore, the most of popular of them being the legend of the beautiful Ashima who was turned into stone and whose memorabilia in the form of naturally formed rock sculpture stands witness to her legend.

During this time the students also had the opportunity to attend a guest lecture by Professor Yan Deng, Vice Dean and Professor Aijing Song on, ‘The Impact of Chinese Culture on International Business’ and ‘International Retail in the Chinese Context’ at the School of Economics, Yunan Normal University. This 2 hour session proved to be extremely insightful and highly relevant much to the delight of the students as it provided a platform for a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and its influence on World Economy. Post the lecture the students were provided with certificates for the same. This surely proved to be the icing on the cake.

The two-week event came to a grand conclusion with a vibrant and exuberant cultural program that saw participants performing various cultural acts representing their own country. Not to be left behind, students of IMI-Kolkata put up a mesmerising show entertaining the audience with a dance performance that aptly showcased the vibrant and cultural melting-pot that is India.

With new-found friendships and bonds, memories to cherish for a lifetime and a first-hand international exposure, Team IMI-Kolkata started its journey back home on the 30th June, 2016.