Dr. Banerjee takes a session for students of University of Dauphine, Paris on “Digital Marketing in India”

“Dr. Mohua Banerjee conducted a guest lecture session on “Digital Marketing in India” on 5th November 2014, in University of Dauphine, Paris. The lecture was organized for the French students studying “Digital Marketing” as a course in their Masters Programme. Students were interested on learning the dichotomies in the e-commerce sector that exist in the emerging markets. India ranks third with 120 million active users, yet internet penetration is a meagre 11 percent. The diversity and growth potential in the country’s internet connectivity intrigued the participants. It was an interactive and informative session that saw the students curious on learning the positive trends in e-commerce investments in India and related issues – venture capital fundings, heightened consumer awareness, online shopping preferences as well as bottlenecks in the technology and supply chain infrastructure. The session was very well received by the attendees in the session.”