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IMI-Kolkata offers wide range of Management Development and Executive Development Programmes across industries and sectors. The functional areas covered depending on client’s requirement and competency levels of the people to be trained. Functional areas covered include Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Operations, Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, Strategic Management, General Management competencies, Soft Skill training, Effective communication and Personality Development, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation Skills, Vigilance Management, Credit Management in Banks, Monitoring and Recovery of Loan Assets, Supply Chain, Procurement & Contract Management and Benchmarking to name a few.

The Perspectives@IMI-K network offers free access to:

  • Articles based on the most recent business research, focusing on faculty of IMI Kolkata
  • Case Studies by IMI Kolkata faculty members
  • Analysis of current business trends
  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • Opinion pieces by experts

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