Bharat Blockchain event at IMIK under IQAC Quality Initiative

A significant occasion took place at the esteemed International Management Institute, Kolkata (IMI-K), on August 18, 2023. The event had a remarkable turnout of over 250 people, from all over West Bengal, and brought together a broad collection of blockchain enthusiasts, thought leaders, and practitioners.

We are happy to report the Bharat Blockchain Yatra event, which Information Data Systems (IDS) and Hedera skillfully put together in collaboration with our college, was a resounding success.
The Bharat Blockchain Yatra event, hosted by Dr. Mohua Banerjee, Director of the International Management Institute, Kolkata, and Professor Dr. Arghya Ray, was a day of excitement and knowledge-sharing. The BBN-IMI Blockchain Chapter unveiled a newsletter focused on the latest developments in blockchain technology, while Sunil Subrahmanyam Yadavalli provided an overview of strategic partnerships between IDS and IMI-K. Voruganti Aravind delivered an inaugural presentation that explored the transformative journey of blockchain from a buzzword to a catalyst for value creation. Anju De Alwis led an expert talk, emphasizing the importance of governance in government initiatives like those in the UAE and Australia. Neha Roy presented on NFTs and digital ownership, highlighting how these innovations are redefining impact and empowering social change.