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IMI Kolkata &
    Technical Support from
       IBM Watson
Industry – Academia Infused
Joint Certification
Course on Data Science & AI
With FinTech Specialization
VENUE : IMI Kolkata
DURATION : 6 Months  
Key Highlight and Tools to be Taught
    • Expert Faculties from MIT USA; IIT; ISI Kolkata; IBM; IMI Kolkata & Apollonius.
    • Pedagogy of the teaching will be a mix of Practical Industry oriented along with Case based Learning
About the Course

According to a World Economic Forum’s report, AI-enabled automation will generate 133 million new jobs globally by 2022.
And in India itself, the demand for AI talent pool is expected to skyrocket with the government’s steps towards
digitization, and multiple organizations accelerating their digital transformation initiatives. Are you ready to ride
the wave?

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Program prepare students with the skills to perform intelligent data analysis,
which is a key component in numerous real-world applications. During the past ten years, data science has emerged as one
of the most high-growth, dynamic, and lucrative careers in technology. This course aims at providing not only the core
technologies such as artificial intelligence, data mining and data modelling but also gives intensive inputs in areas of
machine learning. By this course, the students will gain cross-disciplinary skills across fields such as statistics,
computer science, machine learning, and logic.

Data scientists have career opportunities in healthcare, business, eCommerce, social networking companies &
Financial companies.

A series of annual surveys by EY reported that the adoption of FinTech among consumes is doubling every two years. It
grew from 16% in 2015, to 31% in 2017, to 60% in 2019. India and China lead in this area, with over 87% consumers
favouring the use of FinTech-based products and services. A conducive business environment, entrepreneurial and
innovative mindset, regulatory support, and increase in funding and startups are enabling the adoption in this space.
The major focus of this programme is to equip students with statistical, mathematical reasoning, machine learning,
knowledge discovery, and visualization skills. This Programme is designed to help professionals who are aspiring for
rapid career progression in the high-growth areas of FinTech and wish to stand out in highly competitive workplaces by
acquiring prestigious skill based qualification from a premier institution.

The programme is designed for finance professionals, and technology professionals who wish to advance their career in
FinTech, by building specialised skills in the areas such as Blockchain, InsurTech, Machine Learning & Deep Learning
for Finance, Quantitative Methods, and Financial Analytics.

Learning Outcomes

Analyse and build models applying the knowledge of mathematics, statistics, electronic, electrical and computer science
discipline and solve the problem. Identify the sources of information for data collection, design and conduct the
experiments and interpret the result.

Think out-of-the box and solve the real time problems using their creativity in designing human friendly software
systems. Comprehend computer engineering concepts of the new research developments and apply them to develop relevant
software and hardware products.

Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction
and modelling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations. Apply the computing knowledge
to solve the socially relevant problems.

Understand the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental, societal context and apply it in
exploring the new developments, research trends and involve them in research. Develop professional integrity by
understanding and appreciating professional, legal, ethical, cyber security and related issues and act with

Communicate, collaborate and work as a team by involving in the group projects of multi-disciplinary nature. To prepare
documents as per the standards and present effectively to improve software documentation skills.

Apply the hardware and software project management techniques to estimate the time and human resources required to
complete computer-engineering projects. Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in
independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Job Opportunities after the Course

There are wide range of job roles offered in this domain. Participants after completion of this programme will be well equipped for the below set of job roles :

      1. Data Scientist
      2. Data Engineering Engineer
      3. Machine Learning Engineer
      4. Applications Architect
      5. Enterprise Architect
      6. Data Architect
      7. Infrastructure Architect
      8. Data Manager
      9. Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
      10. Statistical Engineer
      11. Data Analyst
      12. Blockchain Developer
Program Directors:
  • Dr. Soni Agrawal (PhD IIT Kharagpur) Dean MDP & EDP, IMI Kolkata.
  • Mr. Souva Majumder (M.Tech IIT Kharagpur) Founder & Director of Apollonius.
Contact Details:
IMI Kolkata Apollonius
Ankita Majumdar
Executive  MDP & EDP
2/4, Judges Court Road, Alipore,
Kolkata – 700 027
IMI Kolkata: 9830214814
Souva Majumder (M.Tech IIT Kharagpur)
Prantik, Rabindrapath, M B Road, Birati,
Kolkata – 700051
Apollonius: 6289859719