The two day Sino India Forum 2015 on ‘Sino-Indian Relation: Change and Development’ hosted by the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) and jointly sponsored by the Western China (Sichuan) Import Expo & International Investment Fair was recently concluded at the Chengdu city, which is the provincial capital of the heavenly state of Sichuan province in Southwest China. IMI was featured as an intellectual partner for the conference held from 26th to 27th October 2015, that witnessed a phenomenal response in terms of participation from the academia-industry of China and India. ISEC, which is the largest institute supported by the Indian Council of Social Science Research was also featured as the other intellectual partner from India for the conference.

The conference kicked off with a remarkable inauguration session with addresses by Mr. Luo Zhiping, Deputy Secretary-General from Sichuan Provincial Government; Mr. Y. K. Sailas Thanga, Consul General of India in Guangzhou; Mr. Li Xiaojun, Deputy Director of News Office of Sichuan Provincial Government; Prof. Li Houqiang, Secretary of Party Committee of SASS; Prof. Hou Shuiping, President of SASS, Prof. Arindam Banik, Director IMI-Kolkata, and Prof. Durgam Rajasekhar from the Centre for Decentralization and Development, ISEC. A total of 46 selected papers were presented at the conference which were hosted and commented by scholars and academicians from India and China. Systematized comment sessions, where Chinese stalwarts reviewed papers by Indian scholars and vice versa added a whole new dimension to the purpose of a meaningful knowledge exchange.

In particular, papers presented by each of the 13 member team from the three IMIs received special mention and accolades. The knowledge sessions opened with the theme paper presentation on Trade, Openness, Conflicts and Sino-Indian Relation by Dr. Arindam Banik, Director IMI-Kolkata. Academic research papers dealing with Sino India Cooperation During Building Of Economic Corridor by Dr. Pinaki Dasgupta of IMI Delhi, Firm Productivity Linkages And Influences With Evidences From China by Dr. Tirthankar Nag of IMI-Kolkata, Economic Competitiveness And Investment Climate In Sino-India by Dr. Deepak Tandon of IMI Delhi, Impact Of Economic Reforms On Poverty by Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi of IMI Delhi, E-Commerce As The New Driver Of Sino-Indian Bilateral Trade by Prof. Ramesh Behl of  IMI Bhubaneswar; Cultural Distances And Its Impact On Organization And Leadership In Sino-India by Dr. Rachana Chattopadhyay of IMI-Kolkata, Critical Review Of Sino-India Retail Evolution and Development by Dr. Rituparna Basu of IMI-Kolkata, Sino-India CSR Practices by Dr. Paramita Mukherjee of IMI-Kolkata; Board Composition and Financial Performance With Evidences From Sino-India Listed Firms by Dr. Chanchal Chatterjee of IMI-Kolkata, Sino-India Economic Development Models by Dr. Ramakrushna Panigrahi of IMI Bhubaneswar, Sino-India Infrastructure Development Policy and Its Impact By Dr. Arnab Deb of IMI Delhi; and A Meta-analytic Comparison Of Socially Desirable Responding In Sino-Indian Context by Dr. Manit Mishra of IMI Bhubaneswar were presented during the following knowledge sessions at the forum.

The conference closed on a high note of hope around the prospects of collaboration and cooperation between the two Asian giants in terms of mutually rewarding industry-academia partnerships and exchanges. The warmth, hospitality and organizational excellence of the Chinese institutions in managing such a large scale conference were acknowledged by the visiting delegation from India. The conference also received a wide coverage by the popular media in China.

Dr. Arindam Banik, Director IMI-Kolkata addressing the delegates and the media at the Sino-India Forum 2015 held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

The forum witnessed a huge gathering with noteworthy representation from industry-academia of China and India

Mr. Luo Zhiping, Mr. Y. K. Sailas Thanga, Prof. Li Houqiang, Prof. Hou Shuiping and Dr. Arindam Banik (right to left) at the inauguration ceremony

The visiting team from IMI with their Chinese counterparts