On a much anticipated Friday morning  witnessed an insightful session on  where various dignitaries like Geetha Shantha Ram- Director of MOE- aided DAS literacy programme and staff professional development, Divya Jalan- Trustee, President of Dyslexia trust of Kolkata, Dr. Shashi Panja- Medical Practitioner, Minister of State Women and Child Welfare, Dr. Tridib Banerjee – Medical Practitioner and Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal, Smt. Mamata Banerjee decked the stage. The session started off with the lighting of lamp, post which Geetha Shantha Ram and Divya Jalan addressed the crowd where they spoke about the detection of the symptoms of dyslexia at an early stage and the measures that needs to be adopted to help curing it. There is no medicine to dyslexia and parents and teachers should treat dyslexic kids as norm rather than exception. According to them an early intervention to address reading problems is important. Parents must understand that children with dyslexia can learn normally, but probably need to learn in different ways than children without the condition. Teaching should be individualized and may involve modeling letters and words in clay or other three-dimensional techniques to help the child learn letters and words. Education system should give concession to such students and help them reach their optimum potential and give them wings to fly. We all should join hands to win the fight against dyslexia. This was followed by the speech of our Honorable Chief Minister, Smt. Mamata Banerjee where she mentioned that there has to be a solution to every problem and where there is no problem there is no life. She emphasized on the importance of various Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc in creating awareness on such an extraneous matter and thanked the “Breaking Through Dyslexia” foundation to take such an initiative. She focused on the fact that diagnosis of a problem at its inception is the most important task. Once the problem is identified there is definitely a solution to it. She infused the crowed with enthusiasm by saying that there is nothing in this world that is impossible, we should always take these small initiatives today so that the world will remember us tomorrow.