On the auspicious occasion of the 66th anniversary of India’s Independence, IMI Kolkata celebrated the day in its true spirit with our Director, Prof. Ahindra Chakrabarti, hoisting the flag followed by the ceremonial singing of the National Anthem and recitals by students.

In a magnanimous gesture of good will and in the spirit of our great Nation, students collected Rs. 6000 and made the donation to Parivar India, a unit of Bijan Banerjee Memorial Charitable Trust. The mission of Parivar India is to develop under-privileged children, through vocational training and bring them to main stream society. IMI Kolkata is proud to have the students take the lead in starting the initiative by thinking about these children who are the future of our nation and society by this gesture. This is a humble start of the CSR chapter of IMI Kolkata and we have a long way to go.