Dr. Bedabrata Pain was invited at International Management Institute Kolkata on 1st August, 2014 for his deliberation on ‘Leading Change in the Creative Industry’ as a guest lecturer for ‘Managing Organizational Change’ and ‘Organizational Behaviour’ courses. Also in conversation with Dr.Devjani Chatterjee (faculty, OB&HR, IMI Kolkata) in an interview, he shares many insights into the leadership styles, communication techniques and entrepreneurial proactiveness of an innovation leader.

Dr. Bedabrata Pain was an award winning scientist with NASA for 15 years. He received his PhD degree from Columbia University, New York in 1992, and served as the senior research scientist in NASA from 1993. He quit NASA in 2009 to follow his passion – film making. His directorial debut film ‘Chittagong’ (2012) won four National Awards in India, the highest award of its kind. He is also one of the inventors of CMOS digital imaging technology that enabled the digital camera revolution and is now used in our day to day life – from cellphone cameras to movie cameras, to those in space telescopes. Dr.Pain holds credit to over 87 patents, and more than 150 research papers and he is inducted to the US Space Technology Hall of Fame. Earlier, Dr.Pain was the executive producer of internationally acclaimed and national best film award winning ‘Amu’ (2005) that premiered in Berlin and Toronto Film Festivals and also the principal researcher for the documentary called ‘Lifting the Veil’ (1997) on the impact of globalization in India, and the writer of the book titled ‘Behind the events in Kashmir’ (1991).