IMI Kolkata and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) have engaged in a project titled ‘Rural Institutions in India & China: A Comparative Analysis’. A six member team of researchers (Liao Chongxu, Gan Tingyu, Chen Minghong, Dai Xuhong, Chen Cheng and Li Jingfeng) from SASS, China and researchers from IMI Kolkata have traveled to rural areas around Delhi and Kolkata to understand issues around Development of Rural Institutions, Rural Health and Education Services, Microfinance, Subsidy mechanisms and Poverty Alleviation Mechanisms. The joint team has interacted with rural level administration and farmers. The output of the project is likely to be a research book to be published by an international publisher.

Dr. Arindam Banik with Prof. Liao Chongxu, Leader of the Chinese Team

The Joint Research Team in Discussion

The Joint Team in a village interacting with the Head of the Gram Panchayat

Sharing a light moment with small farmers